P3iD - People, Process, Policy = Productivity

P3iD – People, Process, Policy = Productivity

P3iD Cloud is a Silicon Valley-based technology company, with a specialization geared toward cloud computing and application technologies. Comprised of a team of experienced tech-industry professionals, our extensive understanding of real-world customer requirements for business productivity enhancement solutions is robust. Within the team, are experts in traditional technologies, as well as a strong vision toward steadily emerging technologies. P3iD Cloud will connect your people to processes through modern mechanization with customized productivity to enhance your bottom line.

Often overlooked as a critical component to Business Process Improvement is the People involved. P3iD Cloud carefully considers the importance of the People-component and provides the necessary tools in order to affect positive cultural change.

There are many components every business in the world has to retain to ensure it operates efficiently and is financially viable. Two of those elements is a team of people to provide a service or product, and a cache of people to purchase those services and products. It all begins with a well defined set of processes.

A well defined process helps achieve great efficiency to improve productivity and reduce operational costs. Additionally, key performance indicators help to further enhance process over-time.

It’s all about automation and consistency. Automation is a powerful tool for businesses, large and small. However, with so much technology and functionality powering automation, it can be a little intimidating. Once you understand the possibilities of business automation, you can come up with any number of useful and creative solutions to make your company better and more consistent in its practices and policies.

Not only is a sound Policy important to your organizations Governance, Regulation and Compliance strategy, Policy can also help improve IT efficiency in many ways.

The directives set forth in a policy, start the engine of the process.  You’ve stabilized three key components for your company success; the people, the process and the policy. Once combined, to create the Three P’s your business needs in order to reach the goal of efficiency and financial viability, now and in the future.

Ultimately, the end result of an effective Business Strategy is improved Productivity.
P3iD Cloud not only provides the skills and tools for Productivity improvement, we also provide clear metrics to measure success.