P3iD Cloud issues Q2’17 Quarterly Business Update:

“Engaging Clients and Partners”


San Jose, CA- July 1, 2017: P3iD Cloud, a silicon-valley based technology company focused on delivering modern business process enhancement solutions, is pleased to share the Quarterly Update for Fiscal Year 2017, Quarter 2.

Between the months of April 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017; P3iD Cloud would like to report the following:

  • – Moved into upgraded integration center with additional technical capability and capacity
  • – Organized a solid sales pipeline of business opportunities with clear action items
  • – Announced cloud-hybrid platform from P3iD Cloud Technology Coalition (P3iD-TC) partner
  • – Developed vendor-specific marketing kiosks to debuted in Q3’, 2017
  • – Created Marketing Development Fund (MDF) program for co-marketing solutions campaigns

“We are excited to move into the next phase of our business, which involves close interaction with our valued clients and partners. This is where P3iD Cloud will continue to shine.”, said Brandee Neal, VP of Operations for P3iD Cloud.

As a founding principal of P3iD Cloud’s business, ‘People’ represents the first “P” in the corporate brand of ‘P3iD Cloud’. Therefore, we value our People first, which include clients, partners and employees.

“It is a very exciting time at P3iD Cloud, where we have an established foundation of a successful business, and can move onto client engagement, which we enjoy most. We look forward to spending more time on sharing the P3iD Cloud business solutions and services story with the market and beyond.”, concluded Neal.

P3iD Cloud is pleased to report great progress over this past quarter. It is our passion to continually build a highly scalable business. We believe there is no better evidence than the achievements we’ve made this past quarter. We look forward to even more customer-centric experiences, as we continue to forge additional business relationships in the future.


VP of Operations, P3iD Cloud


P3iD Cloud Media Relations Contact | E-mail: media@p3idcloud.com | Voice: (408) 673-7330


About P3iD Cloud

P3iD Cloud is a Silicon Valley-based technology company, with a specialization geared toward cloud computing and application technologies. Comprised of a team of experienced tech-industry professionals, our extensive understanding of real-world customer requirements for business productivity enhancement solutions is robust. Within the team, are experts in traditional technologies, as well as a strong vision toward steadily emerging technologies. P3iD Cloud will connect your people to processes through modern mechanization with customized productivity to enhance your bottom line.