Why P3iD Cloud Everlee Series is logical for your business now?

everlee_intro_cardOften times it’s far too easy to continue to do business as status-quo, or has it’s always been done.

‘Just because we have always done it this way’ is not an answer these days in a competitive business environment. Organizations of all sizes, from small to medium and even Enterprise, need to constantly evaluate their business processes and find areas of improvement.


You cannot see the forest through the trees.
Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious as we are all busy and don’t always have the luxury to slow down and consider what should be clear. After all, old habits die hard and most of us are creatures of habit. However, if you are not constantly looking to improve then the fact-of-the-matter is that you are quickly becoming a ‘has-been’, and eventually irrelevant. This is the harsh truth.

So, how do you remain valuable and relevant in today’s competitive business environment? Easy. Introduce answers to obvious issues. Be a problem solver. With P3ID Cloud Everlee Series you can be a hero within your organization in the near term.

Let’s provide some specific examples of how one of the P3iD Cloud Everlee Series solutions might be applicable to improve efficiency in your particular daily business life today.

 finance 1. Finance:  Your Company has a business policy that you will only pay received invoices if there is a corresponding packing list, proof of delivery signature as well as the original business agreement document.  Someone in your finance department receives a package of these hardcopy documents in an envelope and this person is dreading doing manual key entry for all this data from these different documents and collating them into this particular invoice payment transaction.  Fortunately for your finance worker you had the foresight to introduce an Everlee Series solution with invoice processing automation capability.  Your finance worker drops the stack of these documents into the scanner and the rest of the process is fully automated saving your worker many possible hours of labor and frustration.  Everlee Series provides an unprecedented level of document automation that provides our Finance and Accounting department with the proper tools to effectively, and efficiently, get work done to improve the financial bottom-line.


 inventory 2. Inventory Management:  You are a Company that sells physical products and you have many widgets that you offer to your customers.  The business is thriving and you are continually adding new vendors and inventory items to your portfolio of products.  As your business scales you find that adding these new vendors and the hundreds of line items that includes part number, item description, unit of measure and cost is simply becoming too time consuming and costing the Company too much wasted labor hours.  Being the innovative thinker that you are, incorporate one of the Everlee Series solutions where you can simply drop a packing list from a new vendor into a paper scanners automatic document feeder and instantly Everlee Series functionally can automatically create a new supplier record in your accounting systems and, simultaneously, add all the inventory line items with details into your inventory control system.  Within seconds all the supporting documents in the received shipment such as a document with all the serial numbers of the products and the proof of delivery document is automatically routed to your Everlee Series secure storage platform.


 hcm 3. Human Capital Management:  More than a great product or service, terrific companies are successful because of the people that work for these Companies.  As Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, says that A Great Workplace is “Stunning Colleagues” and a good corporate culture are critically important to the financial success of a business.  Therefore, hiring and effectively managing the entire life-cycle of your human capital is vital to a business.  In this particular use case each current, past and even considered employee is a record in your Human Capital Management (HCM) system so that you can effectively manage details of these individuals.  You start by capturing their resume information to create a new record and then as you gather more information about these persons. Then you acquire additional supporting documents such as letters of recommendation, signed confidentiality forms and hopefully items such as ‘Keys to Success’ from fellow employees for outstanding work are added to this employee record. All this HCM data needs to be electronically searchable, highly secure and well-organized. Everlee Series provides a great solution for Human Resource persons to manage the entire life-cycle of employment.




P3iD Cloud encourages any interested to contact us today to discuss the possibilities of how Everlee Series can help you personally, as well as your organization, to reduce operational costs, improve customer service and create a business advantage today.

Everlee Series consists of three standard solutions with customization optional:


Everlee Series 2500

  • A perfect fit for small businesses. The ideal solution to improve typical business workflow bottlenecks by introducing logical business process improvement technology
    • Network-attached document scanner, computer, network, storage and service

Everlee Series 3500

  • Adds an additional layer of distributed computing and piece-of-mind
    • Everlee Series 2500 configuration plus administration server, administration console and additional document scanners

Everlee Series 4500

  • Solution for the Enterprise with minimal on-site configuration
    • Everlee Series 3500 configuration plus additional management network, user workstations, power-user workstations and Enterprise storage system
    • Custom configurations of Everlee Series 4500 also available depending on your specific requirements

If your organization is ready to take the next logical step of deploying business productivity enhancements solutions, then P3iD Cloud encourages you to contact them about the Everlee Series of Business Productivity Solutions. For more information, please e-mail EverleeSeries@P3iDCloud.com or contact P3iD Cloud at 408-673-7330.